Thank you my dear! though I’ll most likely never be as popular as the other Riddlers are/were…
But it’s nice to know I do get some love ^u^

So Mr. Riddler… are you ticklish?

"Ah, how is it i missed you? Another Riddler. Pleasure to meet you, sir."*smiles*-Raven

WOW @ tumblrdatinggame(.)com WTF is this.. my little brother's roommate is on this and I think I saw you too lol

umm… alright then…

Reblog if you would care if I deleted my tumblr and never came back.

((OOC: Crap, I just noticed the answer to theLOAD’s question was messed up XD I fixed it…))

I… I love you too!!

I… I love you too!!

What's with the tattoo?

Oh so you’re interested in my  tattoo?

Reblog if you want Anons to tell you who they ship you with and why.

Reblog if you’d be upset if this person ever stopped roleplaying